Intellectual Outputs

  • Intellectual Output 1 – Research Report on 3D Printing Education

    This Research Report on 3D Printing Education is an in-depth investigation carried out by all partners about the availability and structure of existing 3D Printing training programmes and education specifically aimed at teachers, the use of 3D printing in schools and qualitative research on materials and methods. The report also includes the results and analysis of a questionnaire created by the consortium’s leading partner for this report (UNINETTUNO) and sent to teachers, VET trainers and stakeholders in Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain and Portugal.

  • Intellectual Output 2 – Needs Analysis Report

    This report focused on finding out more about the essential skills and competences that educators should have in order to be able to integrate 3D Printing in VET classes. While the need for better practices and a sound methodology of 3D training for trainers of VET is evident, each society and national context are different. For this purpose, a needs analysis of the state of affairs and specific requirements of individual countries had to be carried out. The report, led by project partner KIT, comprises the results of a small-scale qualitative research survey distributed in each partner country, the analysis of these results according to each partner’s national report and a comparative analysis with a transnational report to inform on the future methodology of the project’s training package.