Welcome to the fifth and final newsletter of our Erasmus+ project 3DPVET!

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Coming to a Close

3D Printing in VET (2019-1-EL01-KA202-062909) is coming to a close! This project was funded by the European Commission via the Erasmus+ Programme (KA2, strategic partnership for innovation and exchange of good practices in the field of VET).

This project has been the product of long-term collaboration between 8 partners from 6 countries across the EU. The project consortium included 8 partners from 6 different countries:

  • Coordinator: KEKAPER – Department for Lifelong Learning, Education, Employment Vocational Training Centre, Crete, Greece
  • EELI – European Education and Learning Institute, Greece
  • CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development, Italy
  • KIT – Karlsruher Institut fuer Technologie, Germany
  • ETIC – School of Technologies, Innovation and Creation, Portugal
  • UNINETTUNO – International Telematic University, Italy
  • WSEI – University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin, Poland
  • Inercia Digital – Andalusian Organisation specialised in Training and Innovation in Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills, Spain

This project sought to emphasise the importance of both good quality teachers and teaching methods, particularly when introducing the use of new technologies (in this case, the use of 3D printers as a learning tool). To ensure that teachers and educators had the required skills and capabilities to use effective teaching methodologies, this project developed a competitive training programme specially tailored to VET teachers and educators based on international experiences, to ensure that teachers will be supported in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and competencies which are necessary to properly utilise 3D printing as a learning tool for several educational subjects being taught in the VET sector.

2nd day of the final meeting of ‘3D Printing in VET’

On the 20th and 21st of September, the European Education and Learning Institute concluded our involvement in the Erasmus+ “3D Printing in VET” Project with our final meeting in Rethymno!!

The project was seeking to create an innovative and versatile curriculum to train teachers to be able to use and integrate 3D Printing in their classrooms.

We discussed the final report of the project, the dissemination of the project and quality assurance of the project.

We would like to thank “KEKAPER-REGION OF CRETE” for organising and hosting the meeting, as well as our many other partners that were involved in this project!!

Meeting of ‘3D Printing in VET’ partners with Mrs. Lioni Maria, Deputy Regional Governor.

We are pleased to announce that last Monday, 20th of September 2021, the European Education and Learning Institute participated in the final conference of the Erasmus+ Project “3D Printing in VET”.

During the event, we had the opportunity to present not only the project in general, its goals and the final results of the project but also the courses and the e-learning platform that was created for this purpose. In the meeting, the representatives of the rest of the consortium from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal presented the pilot training activities that were implemented in their countries.

The project “3D Printing in VET” lasted 24 months (2019 – 2021) and came to an end in the best possible way. We hope to continue this initiative in the near future!

E-learning platform: https://elearning.3dprintinginvet.eu/

Website: https://3dprintinginvet.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3DPrintinginVET/

Final Conference of the Erasmus+ Project “3D Printing in VET” – House of Culture

Final Conference of the Erasmus+ Project “3D Printing in VET” – House of Culture